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Parent Forms & Centre Handbook

The following forms are for use by existing families. They are provided for your convenience to download, complete and submit to the centre in hard copy format.

Please download and complete this form if your child requires medication to be administered whilst in our care.

Over the counter medications/ lotions etc, including Panadol, can only be administered by educators if they have a chemist dispensing label on them. The label must include the name of the child who requires the medication and the dose required.

Please Note: We can only administer over the counter or non-prescribed medication when accompanied by a Doctor’s letter.

Please download and complete this form if your family has had any change in details such as a new address or phone number, if you need to add an authorised nominee or collector to your child’s list or if your child has any new allergies we need to be aware of.
Please download and complete this form if your child has had any new immunisations.
Please view or download our Centre Handbook by clicking the link above. The Prior Street Child Care & Developmen Centre Handbook will provide you with comprehensive information about all aspects of Centre operations. Should you have any further questions after reading this publication please speak with the Nominated Supervisor.

Useful Links & Information


Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority (ACECQA)
The Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) is an independent national authority, based in Sydney. As the name suggests, one of ACECQA’s many roles is to educate and inform the wider community about the importance of improving outcomes in children’s education and care. ACECQA guides the implementation of the National Quality Framework for Early Childhood Education and Care nationally and ensures consistency in delivery.
The Department of Education (DET)
The Department of Education, Training and Employment is committed to ensuring Queenslanders have the education and skills they need to contribute to the economic and social development of Queensland. The department delivers world-class education and training services for people at every stage of their personal and professional development.
The Department of Human Services (DHS)
The Department of Human Services (DHS) offers a range of health, social and welfare payments and services through the: Medicare program, Centrelink program, Child Support program, CRS Australia and Australian Hearing. This includes CCB & CCR payments.


Curriculum Resources

National Quality Framework
The National Quality Framework (NQF) raises quality and drives continuous improvement and consistency in Australian education and care services. Established in 2012, the NQF applies to most long day care,  family day care, preschool/kindergarten and outside schools hours care services. The National Quality Framework is the result of an agreement between all Australian governments to work together to provide better educational and developmental outcomes for children using education and care services.

National Quality Standard
The National Quality Standard (NQS) is a key aspect of the NQF and sets a national benchmark for early childhood education and care, and outside school hours care services in Australia. The NQS consists of seven quality areas, each containing standards and elements, that children’s education and care services are assessed and rated against. The seven quality areas covered by the National Quality Standard are:

  1. Educational program and practice
  2. Children’s health and safety
  3. Physical environment
  4. Staffing arrangements
  5. Relationships with children
  6. Collaborative partnerships with families and communities
  7. Leadership and service management
Belonging, Being and Becoming: The Early Years Learning Framework
Belonging, Being and Becoming: The Early Years Learning Framework describes the principles, practice and outcomes that are essential to support and enhance young children’s learning from birth to five years of age, as well as their transition to school. It is expected that each early childhood service will develop their own strategy to implement the Framework, taking their own unique context into consideration. The Framework is part of the Council of Australian Governments’ reform agenda for early childhood education and care. It is a key component of the Australian Government’s National Quality Framework for early childhood education and care. It underpins universal access to early childhood education and has been incorporated in the National Quality Standard to support consistent and quality early childhood education and care across sectors and jurisdictions. Families looking for more information on the Framework can use the Belonging, Being and Becoming – The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia – Information for Families guide.
The Families’ guide is also available in 20 languages. If you are experiencing difficulties accessing the translated Early Years Learning Framework Families Guide, please contact 13 36 84.
Queensland Government Approved Kindergarten Program
Queensland Government-Approved Kindergarten Programs can be delivered in a range of settings, including long day care services. The government funds long day care services to deliver kindergarten programs to provide more choice for Queensland families and create opportunities for long day care services. Long day care services are well placed to meet the needs of families working, studying or training because they can offer before and after care as well as a kindergarten program. All services displaying the kindergarten program identifier have been approved by the Queensland Government. They provide a learning program for children in the year before Prep taught by a qualified early childhood teacher for at least 600 hours a year, such as 15 hours a week for 40 weeks. Families of children participating in a kindergarten program in a long day care setting may also be eligible for the Australian Government’s Child Care Benefit and/or Child Care Rebate.
Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline
The Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline (QKLG) provides advice for planning, interacting with children, monitoring and assessing, and sharing information in kindergarten contexts. The guideline: is based on the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia (EYLF); is an approved framework — see Quality Standard 1.1 in the National Quality Standard and helps services meet the criteria for an approved kindergarten program. For more information, contact the Office for Early Childhood Education and Care (OECEC). The Continua of learning and development is a resource that helps teachers assess, reflect and make evidence-based judgments about children’s learning progress. This information is used to plan ways to promote continuity of children’s learning and development.

Download the Queensland kindergarten learning guideline (PDF, 2792 kB)
Download the Continua of learning and development: Queensland kindergarten learning guideline companion (PDF, 1563 kB)


Our Environmental Leader guides our commitment to being waste smart and environmentally responsible through various practices and initiatives. Ongoing we seek to reduce packaging and purchasing; Reuse; Recycle; Educate and promote.

We are currently working to become a Brisbane City Council – Waste Smart Kindy

Get out and out in the community at Green Events

Recycling in your kitchen. Composting. Worm Farm.

Brisbane City Council – Green Home and Community – what you can do at home and in the community to make Brisbane cleaner, greener and more sustainable.


Children’s Health & Wellbeing

Nutrition Australia
Nutrition Australia’s mission is to encourage health and well being of Queenslanders by encouraging them to make informed food choices that will promote a healthy lifestyle and well being, and help protect against chronic disease. Nutrition Australia delivers services across Queensland with individual members, organisations, corporate partners and other government and non-government key stakeholders to promote evidence based healthy living messages. Their health promotion services and strategies include a range of nutrition education and cooking skill programs and other resources for various community groups across the lifespan to promote healthy life choices in relation to healthy food selection and physical activity. Nutrition Australia Qld’s Food Foundations program is the leading nutrition and food safety program for early childhood settings across Queensland.
Staying Healthy
Staying Healthy: Preventing infectious diseases in early childhood education and care services (5thEdition) provides educators and other staff working in education and care services with simple and effective methods for minimising the spread of disease. It contains ‘how to’ advice on procedures and exclusion periods.
Immunisation Schedule
Immunisation is a simple, safe and effective way of protecting your child against harmful diseases that can cause serious health problems and sometimes death. Immunisation will help your child stay healthy. The link above shows a complete schedule of the current recommended vaccinations.
Get Up & Grow
Get Up & Grow: Healthy Eating and Physical Activity for Early Childhood provides families with practical
information and advice to support healthy eating and encourage physical activity in young children.
Anaphylaxis Australia
Allergy & Anaphylaxis Australia (A&AA) is a charitable, non-profit organisation established in 1993 to support and assist people affected by severe allergy and anaphylaxis. A&AA is Australia’s only national support organisation, with representation in each and every state and territory, dedicated to helping individuals and carers alike in managing severe allergy and anaphylaxis.
Asthma Australia
This website is a partnership between the Asthma Foundations of the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland and South Australia. They provide education and training and advocate for people with asthma and linked conditions – working with schools and preschools, communities and health professionals to create asthma friendly environments.
Kids Matter
KidsMatter is a mental health and wellbeing framework for primary schools and early childhood education and care services, and is proven to make a positive difference to the lives of Australian children.
On this website you will find information about news and events, fact sheets, resources and programs to help you keep kids safe and keep them OUT of hospital! Kidsafe Qld is the leading non-government, not-for-profit, charitable organisation dedicated to the prevention of unintentional childhood injuries.
Grow & Thrive
Grow & Thrive provides information on children’s learning, health and development for early childhood educators, primary teachers and parents.  It is produced by the Centre for Community Child Health and is an initiative of The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne.

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