Our Philosophy

Prior Street Child Care and Development is committed to excellence in the provision of care and education to children during their early years. Our aim is to provide a high quality, professional, friendly and welcoming service where children and families feel a sense of belonging. Our educators are experienced, passionate, dedicated and caring and embrace a holistic approach to pedagogy.

We are passionately engaged in learning more about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history and culture. Through our engagement as educators, we are able to share our passion for truth, history, and reconciliation with the children. Together we acknowledge the traditional owners of the land on which we learn and play, connecting to land and people. We embrace the diverse beliefs and values of our community, which enriches the life of our service.


Educators are dedicated to developing trusting, respectful, secure, relationships with the children, their families and each other.  We create an atmosphere and environment where children feel safe, secure, and supported. We respect and celebrate each child’s individuality. Each child is viewed as a capable contributors and a confident and involved learner.  Every child has the right to experience high-quality early childhood education, where they can play discover and learn.


Families are respected and acknowledged, and their contributions and input valued.

We aim to provide an environment where families feel confident and relaxed in the knowledge that their children will be provided with ongoing care and attention, in a safe, inviting, nurturing, and educational environment.  We provide quality care and education to meet the needs and expectations of all children and families. We believe in collaboration and building partnerships and connections with families and community.

We value the contributions of the children and their families to our program.

We share information about our pedagogy, program and early childhood development frameworks (i.e. Early Years Learning Framework and Kindergarten Learning Guidelines) with our community.

Learning Program

We believe in providing balanced programs that foster free play, spontaneous and intentional learning, child, and teacher led experiences. Activities and experiences scaffold children’s ability to evolve ideas and interests. Planning and decision making is based on ongoing observations, discussions, and critical reflection.  We respect children’s rights to make decisions, and choices regarding their learning and play, interactions, and emotions.


We provide children with a stimulating and supportive environment where they can interact with resources, materials, peers and adults through a social and collaborative approach. In ensuring our Centre environment caters to each child, our programs are flexible and responsive to individual interests and needs. Through our Bush Kindy program, we promote the children’s connection to their natural and local environment.  We have embedded sustainable practices in our routines, this connection promotes and supports the children’s respect for our environment, their desire to care and look after it, and their growing understanding of the connection Indigenous Australians have to the land.


Our staff are passionate, educated and experienced professionals. Each educator comes with individual experiences, talents and skills, and are from a wide range of cultural backgrounds with individual beliefs and values. We support each other as we work together as a team to promote a professional environment, respectful of each other’s views and ethos.  We engage in ongoing and meaningful professional development and critical reflection to inspire and inform our practice.


Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations – Belonging, Being & Becoming, 2009.  The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the child.  Early childhood Australia Code of Ethics, National Quality Framework, 2018Department of Communities – Child Care Regulation 2003



Prior Street Child Care and Development community respectfully acknowledges, values and celebrates the Aboriginal and Torres Strait people, cultures, knowledge and perspectives. 

We recognise the Traditional Peoples of this continent, who’s land was stolen nearly 250 years ago. As teachers we are committed to fostering reconciliation by building on our knowledge and understanding of our history and community. We proudly educate our children on Turrbal and Yuggera country. 

We actively explore Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives in our curriculum and enrich children’s understanding and knowledge of Aboriginal and Torres Strait culture and history by creating culturally inclusive experiences which foster knowledge and respect for first nation’s people.

Here at Prior Street Child Care & Development we share stories, culture and history with the children, planting the seeds for more growth, knowledge and understandings to come in their future. We cannot ask the children to get up and stand up for something that they don’t yet understand or aren’t connected with. The same goes for our staff, the passion and conviction we feel to stand up and make change in our communities, comes first from education, discussion and listening and learning from others. The stories and discussions we share with the children are embedded in our program throughout the year. Our Child Care Centre is a space where children can explore, ask questions, listen and learn from others, laying the foundations for their learning and continued growth in their future as well.

We are inspired by the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander’s sacred connection to the land and share the responsibility to be caretakers of the land on which we learn and play



Prior Street Child Care Centre Koala's Room
Prior Street Child Care Centre Big Yard Table Styling
Prior Street Child Care Centre Wombat's Room
Prior Street Child Care Centre Wombat's Room

Prior Street Child Care & Development

14 Prior Street Tarragindi QLD 4121

Ph:3892 5688
E: psccd@tcpeducators.com.au

Our Location
Prior Street Child Care & Development is located in Brisbane’s South.  
The centre is close to bus routes / stops.
From the North, take the Marshall Rd exit on the South East Freeway. 
From the South, take the Gaza Rd exit on the South East Freeway.