Our Philosophy

Prior Street Child Care and Development is committed to excellence in the provision of care and education to children during their early years. Our aim is to provide a high quality, professional, personalised, friendly and welcoming service. Our educators are passionate, dedicated and caring, who embrace a holistic approach to pedagogy.

We take pride in Aboriginal and Torres Strait histories, cultures and contributions. We acknowledge the traditional owners of the land and promote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island cultures to promote reconciliation and respect. We embrace the diverse beliefs and values of our multicultural community, which enriches the life of our service.

The children’s day should be filled with fun, happiness, and love for learning.
Educators promote trust, respect, security, love, attention and care.
Each child is unique, and we respect each child’s individuality.
All children are viewed as capable and valued contributors, confident and involved learners.
Every child has the right to experience high quality early childhood education, where they can play discover and learn.
We believe in nurturing self esteem for resilience, so that learning will be a continual process and children will develop competencies in a natural progression.

Families are respected and acknowledged as their child’s biggest influence.
To provide a service which enables parents to feel confident and relaxed in the knowledge that their children will be provided with ongoing care and attention, in a safe, attractive, responsive, nurturing, hygienic and educational environment.
To provide quality care and education that meets the needs and expectations of children and families. We engage in mutually supportive partnerships with each family to support parents in their child rearing. We believe in collaboration and building partnerships and connections with families and community. We endeavor to encourage their voice and value their contributions. To assist parents and the community to better understand children by providing information about the early childhood years.

Learning Program
We believe in providing balanced programs where there is time for free play, incidental learning, spontaneous and intentional learning.
Providing children with freedom of choice and opportunities, materials and interactions, to maximise children’s potential. Children are involved in responsive interactions with Educators, supporting children to evolve ideas and interests.
Planning and decision making based on critical reflection supports continuous improvement and improved outcomes for children, families and educators. Critical reflection informs practice and is regular and ongoing.

We provide children with a stimulating and supportive environment where they can interact with resources, materials, peers and adults through a social and collaborative approach. In ensuring our Centre environment and programs cater for all children, are flexible, vibrant and responsive to the interests and needs of the children. We value children’s experiences of the outdoors and acknowledge the key part that outdoor/natural/physical play contributes to children’s wholestic development. We encourage an awareness in children of becoming socially responsible and respectful of the natural and constructed environment around them. To promote ongoing respect and care for our planet and all living creatures.

Our staff are passionate professionals, we draw on individual experiences, talents and skills to support an ever-evolving team that come from a diverse range of beliefs, values and cultural backgrounds. We support each other as we work together as a team to promote a professional environment, respectful of each other’s views and ethos. We engage in professional development and critically reflect to inform practice.

Prior Street Child Care Centre Koala's Room
Prior Street Child Care Centre Big Yard Table Styling
Prior Street Child Care Centre Wombat's Room
Prior Street Child Care Centre Wombat's Room

Prior Street Child Care & Development

14 Prior Street Tarragindi QLD 4121

Ph:3892 5688
E: psccd@tcpeducators.com.au

Our Location
Prior Street Child Care & Development is located in Brisbane’s South.  
The centre is close to bus routes / stops.
From the North, take the Marshall Rd exit on the South East Freeway. 
From the South, take the Gaza Rd exit on the South East Freeway.