Learning Spaces

We encourage children to be involved learners – ‘giving their voice’ to learning in personally meaningful and fun ways. Our rooms are inviting spaces, where each child actively contributes to the harmonious atmosphere – supporting their feeling of belonging. As each child is unique, our programs are flexible to meet individual needs. Daily, our educators reflect on observations, routines, interactions and programs – from which an ongoing cycle of goals and activities are developed for play or discovery based programs.

When developing programs our educators considers many factors.


  1. The individual needs of each child
  2. The observed interests of each child and the group
  3. The guidelines of The Early Years Learning Framework.
  4. The guidelines of The National Quality FrameworkAnd additionally, for our Kindergarten children
  5. The needs of children as they move into formal schooling
  6. The Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines and The Continua of Learning and Development (QLD Kindergarten learning guideline companion)
Prior Street Child Care Centre Joey's Nursery
Prior Street Child Care Centre Joey's Yard

Joey’s Room

Nursery (from 6 weeks)
2 educators / 8 children

Experienced educators in our nursery offer a flexible learning approach that enhances the individual interests, ideas, cultures and abilities of each child. In collaboration with families, our educators ensure the nursery supports a sense of belonging; along with creating an atmosphere that is happy, positive, caring and fun. Educators in our youngest group work collaboratively with families to ensure a smooth transition between home and the Centre. The nursery has access to a wide range of resources and materials to engage children in interactions and to nurture exploration and discovery.

A large covered area off their room gives the Joey’s flexibility in their routine. The area is surrounded by our own fruit gardens and then wider overlooks the beautiful park behind us. Our educators are very thoughtful in their set-up of this area, therefore you never know what engaging experiences you’ll find in this outdoor area!

The Joeys’ Room includes – a cosy temperature controlled separate sleeping area (SIDS safe sleeping guidelines are followed); a comfortable nappy change area; a feeding preparation kitchenette.

Prior Street Child Care Centre Possum's Room
Prior Street Child Care Centre Possum's Yard

Possum’s Room

3 educators / 10 children

‘Toddlerhood’ is an active time for growth and development. It’s a time for exploration and experimentation socially and emotionally; that time when “I do it” independence starts to blossom. To cater to all these exciting needs and changes we have in-tune, sensitive educators working collaboratively with our toddlers and their families to offer a holistic approach to care and learning. Our educators ensure the flexible program, along with practices, reflect experiences and activities that support the ‘possum room’ children to be confident and involved learners.

Having their own outdoor space gives the Possums flexibility in their routine. This area, which overlooks the park behind us, has plenty of open space for active children and a large sandpit. Local nature is attracted to the area via the garden and bird feeder which are maintained in a collaborative effort between the room.

The Possum room environment offers – nappy change facilities and toddler size toilets and hand washbasins; access to a preparation kitchenette.


Prior Street Child Care Centre Koala's Room

Koala’s Room

3 educators / 15 children

The Koala room educators continue to support the growing independence of each child. The care and learning experiences, along with relationships and interactions ensures each child feels secure, confident and included. The atmosphere of the Koala’s room is relaxed and happy as the educators and children actively work together for collaborative learning. As in the other rooms of the centre, the flexible curriculum encompasses planned and spontaneous interactions, experiences, routines and events – all to support a holistic approach to learning and development.

For many children in the Koala’s room this may be the first time they are cared for away from the home. Like in all of the other four centre rooms, our experienced educators work closely with each family to ensure a smooth transition between home and care.

Prior Street Child Care Centre Wombat's Room
Prior Street Child Care Centre Wombat's Room

Wombat’s Room

(3 – 4 years)
2 educators / 17 children

Our experienced educators in the Wombat room support children to construct and contribute to learning; responding to the children’s ideas and play to scaffold and extend learning. They use various strategies including modelling, open ended questioning, demonstration, explanation, problem solving, and shared thinking to extend the learning and development of each child. Community engagement and collaboration is very active within the Wombat room; this extends life learning, skills and understandings beyond the centre.

Like the other four centre rooms, the Wombat room educators seek to provide a safe, healthy and hygienic environment.

Prior Street Child Care Centre Emu's Room
Prior Street Child Care Centre Emu's Room

Queensland Government Approved Kindergarten Program / Emu’ Room 

Kindergarten age

3 educators / 25 children

Program Hours – Monday to Friday – 8.00am – 4.30pm (in conjunction with wrap around long day care)

The centre operates a Queensland Government Approved Kindergarten Program.
This exciting learning program is implemented by an experienced four year qualified and registered Early Childhood Teacher.

Further to this and in line with legislative requirements:

  • A minimum of 2 days of attendance ensures children access the Kindergarten program for 15 hours each week;  this operates in conjunction with wrap-around child care from 7 am to 6 pm.
  • The Kindergarten Program is accessed in line with the teacher’s weekly roster (displayed at the centre).
  • The Kindergarten Program is available 48 weeks of the year.
  • Two parent/teacher catch-ups are scheduled across the year, while a ‘Transition Statement’ will be provided for children moving onto Prep.
  • Please refer to the attachment below, “Funded Kindergarten Program Statement of Fees”, for further information.
  • The program and practices of the Approved Kindergarten Program are guided by the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines.

This is an exciting educational program, engaging children naturally in our well resourced environment.  Our teacher aims to lay firm foundations for successful lifelong learning. As in all our rooms, active participation is encouraged and supported.  The physical size of this room is much larger than the prescribed regulation requirement.

Prior Street Child Care Centre Nature's Play
Prior Street Child Care Centre Nature's Play

Nature Play

NaturePlayQLD-education-providerSince the inception of our Bush Kindy program in 2017 the educators have observed the children develop their sense of self confidence, resilience, problem solving, creativity, autonomy, initiative, and deepen their own relationships with the teachers, peers and the natural world around them.

Our educators are passionate about connecting children with both the local community and the natural environment, and teaching the children to respect the Traditional Land Owners of where we learn and play. By being out in the environment; touching, experiencing, breathing in – our connection to land has grown, and the children have become passionate advocates and caretakers of the land that we share with our community.

In 2019 the Bush Kindy program expanded to include all age groups, from the babies to the kindergarten class. The Bush Program in each class is developed specifically to meet the needs and interests of that age group.

Prior Street Child Care and Development was a finalist in the 2019 Outdoor Queensland Awards; nominated for The Nature Play Qld Nature Play Education Award.

The Bush Kindy program has become and pivotal and meaningful part of our program for the educators, the children, and their families, and continues to grow and develop with each year.

Prior Street Child Care Centre Big Yard
Prior Street Child Care Centre Big Yard
Prior Street Child Care Centre Big Yard
Prior Street Child Care Centre Big Yard

Big Yard 

Our outdoor environment combines a blend of diverse natural elements (including native bees, worm farm, composting, bush tucker garden, vegetable and herb gardens), fixed structures and a thoughtful array of resources empowering children:-

  • to persue interests for an extended time
  • opportunity to understand and respect the natural environment – including contributing to taking responsibility for plants, animals and the land
  • to engage in sustainability practices
  • to approach learning with a sense of agency
  • engage through creative learning and spontaneous play


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